Tips for beginners

When you first join the game, you will start on a single planet, with your planets resources being mined by hand. Planets nearer to the Sun have more Metal mining capabilities, while planets nearer to the edge of the solar system have more Deuterium mining capabilities.

We first need to establish resource mining for the planet. In the Buildings Tab, build some Metal, Crystal and Deuterium Mines. Crystal and Metal mine at similar rates, so you ideally want to ensure their levels are the same. Deuterium Synthesizer's course are also advisable to keep on par with other mines, but are prohibitively more expensive than the other mines.

Once yous tart building mines, you will notice that your Energy starts to drop, and may even become negative. If this happens, your mines will cease production. So start to build Solar Power Plants, in order to maintain a positive Energy production.

Game menu

[IMG:] - Overview. This is the homepage and first page you view on joining the game. On this page you can see Game News, Fleet status, an image of your current planet, ask questions, and view your Moon (if you have one). When you log in you will default to your home planet.

[IMG:] - Statistics. This page displays Player Rankings on certain indicators: Fleet (how many ships a player has), Research (who leads research that has been conducted) , Buildings (who has the highest amount of buildings), Defense (who has the strongest defense), Achievements (who has achieved the most in Multiverse Warriors) and the total number of points. Also displayed in the statistics are alliances.

[IMG:] - Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame menu you can see a list of the most powerful battles. Battles that are powerful enough to enter the top 100 will be displayed here. You can click into each battle and view the details

Hall of Fame can be are sorted by total number of losses

[IMG:] - Records. Here you can see the top players who have the record for each type of unit

[IMG:] - Chat. This is an inbuilt Chat system into the game. You can directly discuss options with other players, or your alliance

[IMG:] - Forum. A link to the forums

[IMG:] - Message. In-game Email system. Alerts you to messages sent by the system, the Admins, your alliance, or other players! Allows you to read and respond to messages from other players

[IMG:] - Friends. Displays a list of your friends / enemies, as well as whether they are online.

[IMG:] - Blocked. Allows you to view a list of blocked players, as well as the reason for their blocking. Sometimes this page is quite useful to himself in no case fall under the Ban.

[IMG:] - FAQ. Question-Answer (link to this page)

[IMG:] - Rules. These are the rules that EVERY player agreed to before joining. Rules can be updated at any time, so check these periodically to ensure that you are not violating them

[IMG:] - Notes. Here you can store important information for you, for example, the coordinates of your enemies, and good farms to mine / attack.

[IMG:] - Support. This is out tech support area, you can report bugs, ask questions, or get answers on Payment issues.

[IMG:] - Search. Allows you to search for players, as well as the planet by name or part of the name (min 3 characters)

[IMG:] - Settings. Here you can set up your account, whether the password, time zone and more.

[IMG:] - Logout. Logout from your account.

Left menu:

  • Bonus - If this button is present, you will receive a bonus when clicking on it. Bonuses include Dark Matter, Academy Points, and Experience Points
  • Alerts - Something is happening if these are highlighted, hover over them to see: Attack, Espionage, Moon destruction and Missile attack.
  • Purchase Multiverse Matter - Multiverse Matter donation. here you can purchase Multiverse Matter, this substance can be used for Supporter Account actions
  • Supporter Account - This page displays all of the Supporter packages. These are short term "boosts" for players.
  • Buildings - This page displays the Buildings Menus where you can increase the output of your planet. This is probably the most used page in the game!
  • Resources - Here you can recalculate the production of Mines, Energy Production. This page also shows you a general overview of your planets productivity
  • Planet Cloak - Here you can hide your planet from the rest of the galaxy using a Planet Cloak. Cloaking a planet requires Dark Matter
  • Shipyard - Here you can view your planets Shipyard, this is used to construct ships. You will need to construct a Shipyard before this page is useful
  • Defense - Here you can view your planets Defensive structures, this is used to construct defenses. You will need to construct a Shipyard before this page is useful
  • Galaxy - This page displays your Solar System. You can also view other systems, however this requires Deuterium to power your imaging satellites
  • Research - This page displays the Research that has taken place in your empire. You will need to construct a Research Lab before this page is useful
  • Academy - The Academy displays additional research available to you unlocked by the Technocrats
  • Officers - You can attract experience Officers to your empire. They can advise you as well as provide you with additional incentives for your planet.
  • Alliance - This page displays all Alliances in the game. If you are already part of an Alliance, this will display your Alliance's internal page.
  • Achievements - This page displays the Achievements that you have unlocked
  • Ref. System - If you have friends who would be interested in playing the game you can recruit them via this page. This will provide your account with bonuses and help the game grow.
  • Game Feedback - This is a Disqus forum for you to provide general game feedback
  • Enter Nanoverse - This is a link to the Nanoverse server