The Geologist is an expert in Astro-mineralogy and Crystalography. He assists your mining teams in metallurgy and chemistry as he also takes care of the interplanetary communications optimizing the use and refining of the raw materials within the empire.

+2% Production of Resources


The Admiral is an experienced combat veteran, and expert strategist. Infused with technology The Admiral is able to used his and contact their admirals subordinates. A wise emperor could rely on their help during battle.

+1% Attack

+1% Defense

+1% Shield


The Engineer is a specialist in energy conversation. He uses his knowledge of power systems to ensure that you always are using all energy correctly.

+5% Production of Energy


The guild of the Technocrats is composed of genius scientists, and you will find them always over the realm where all human logic would be defied. For thousands of years, no normal human have ever cracked the code of a Technocrat. The Technocrat inspires the researchers of the empire with her presence..

-5% Ship Build Time


Constructors have altered their DNA, only one of these men can build an entire city in a short time..

-10% Construction Time


Scientists are part of a guild of Technocrats. They specialize solely in the improvement of technologies..

-10% Research Time

[IMG: Expert

The Cargo Specialist is part of the ancient Brotherhood of the planet Omicron Persia 8. As room ran out on the home world, this stowing genius devised a method to increase capacity in the holds.

+25% Resource Storage

+25% Ship Storage

[IMG: of Defense

The Defense Minister is a member of the Imperial Army. His knowledge is key to building a formidable defense in a short period of time.

-25% Defense Building time


A Guardian is a member the Imperial Army Elite and his goal is to develop technologies that improve planetary defenses.


A Spy assimilates a subspace receiver in a cybernetic fashion to their brain, and connect that using nano-probes equipped with unique trans-link frequency placed onto each Spy Satellite. In this way the Spy obtains knowledge faster and without detection.

+1% Espionage Power


A Commander is part of the Imperial Army and has mastered the art of Fleet Management. His brain can calculate the trajectories of a large number of fleets.

+3 Fleet Slots


The Destroyer is a member of the Imperial Army without mercy. He slaughters everything that is in his way just for fun.


The General is a person who has served for many years to the Imperial Army. Manufacturers produce ships faster in his presence.

-5% Flight Time


The Pilot is a member of the Imperial Army, he has specialist abilities to navigate a particular type of ship that none have the ability to pilot.


The Raider placed under his command available to all officers in the empire, combining their skills to dominate the universe and to become an almost invincible opponent.