Donations are traded for Multiverse Matter. Multiverse Matter can be used to unlock supporter packages which are short term benefits.

Current accepted Payments are made through PayPal. Donations are non refundable after a reasonable amount of time has passed (48 hours). In the unlikely event that a problem should arise from a donation, you can only be provided with Multiverse Matter or in-game resources as compensation for the lost funds.

Issues with my Donation
If you do encounter a problem with PayPal payments, this must be reported to our team immediately! If you delay

The procedure for reporting PayPal issues are as follows:

  1. Check to see that you received a PayPal email confirming the purchase
  2. Forward this email to our Support Team (email is in the PayPal email) and include the following:
    1. Your username
    2. Your Universe (Rebirth / Nano / Main)
  3. Our team will investigate & respond within 24 hours
  4. Any form of compensation awarded to and decided by our team is final. There are no exceptions
  5. You receive your points

Note that if we have not received the donation, we will not be able to issue any Multiverse Matter or compensation.

What do we use Donations for?

Hosting a server is not free. So to keep the lights on we rely heavily on donations from players. We acknowledge that players want something in return so we exchange real value currency for Multiverse Matter. All donations are poured back into the server in the following model:

  • Server Bills
  • Server Security (SSL Certs / Upgrades)
  • Game Development
  • Advertising
  • Investment back into servers

We will never force a player to pay, and will always refuse to erect a Pay Wall or a Pay 2 Win format. We try to keep the game balanced and fair for all types of users and donations help us keep the energy going. If you donate we know we're doing something right. If not, we need to refocus our efforts. Please make suggestions on the forums for what we could do better!

Game Currency

 [IMG:] - Multiverse Matter (MM)

Multiverse Matter was formed at the collapse of the Multiverse. And can be purchased for Real Currency. This is because the Multiverse Warriors risk their lives collecting it! Literally! This is used to activate Supporter Packages, and for other bonuses. Players can currently donate through PayPal with more options planned to be added.

Methods to earn MM:

  1. Through Donations
  2. Win ingame competitions
  3. Bonus Payouts
  4. Recruiting New Players

MM can be spent on the following:

  1. Build Colliders on Moons
  2. Build Moons
  3. Buy Academy Points
  4. Activate Supporter Packages

[IMG:] - Dark Matter (DM)

Dark Matter is common everywhere in the Galaxy however can only be naturally produced on Moons. Dark Matter is more common than Multiverse Matter and therefore is much cheaper. DM can be found on expeditions, but due to it's natural volatile state it is better to mine in specially designed Colliders.

Refined DM is worth trading for, and can be added to your account in the following ways:

  1. Collider's on Moons
  2. Expeditions
  3. Bonus Payouts
  4. Recruiting New Players

DM can be spent on the following:

  1. Dark Matter Ships
  2. Dark Matter Defenses
  3. Dark Matter Buildings (this requires 10 fields on a planet 9 of which are contaminated with Dark Matter and can NEVER be used again)
  4. Transport a planet to another location
  5. Exchange for Metal Crystal or Deuterium
  6. Hire and attract Officers to your cause