When starting Multiverse Rebirth, one of the first things you should get familiarized with is the Galaxy. The Galaxy tab is probably one of the most underrated way to find good information about your enemies.

The following is a key for what we will be talking about further down the page.


  1. Galaxy - There are currently 20 Galaxies in the Rebirth Server. Each galaxy is home to 999 systems. Common formats for planet locations are [Galaxy:System:Position] or Galaxy.System.Position
  2. System - There are currently 19,980 systems throughout the 20 Galaxies. Systems have 20 colonizable position and 1 'void space'.
  3. View - While searching coordinates (Galaxy.System.Position) you input the values into the Galaxy, and system boxes, and click the view button to be taken there. (Or just click enter after inputting values).
  4. Pos. (Position) - There are 20 colonizable positions in a system and 1 void space. This is the 3rd value in the coordinates.
  5. Name (Activity) - This shows the PLANET name users have set. This also has an activity indicator. If a users has a PlanetName (*) // [Colony(*)], this means the users is either currently active on that planet, or the planet has just seen activity. Activity can be another user spying the planet, or the planet has just been attacked. If a user has a PlanetName(Minute Value1-15) // [Colony(10 min)] this means the user was active said minutes ago, or there was activity said minutes ago.
  6. Moon - This shows if a user has a moon. You can hold your mouse over the moon icon for more options.
  7. Debris - This shows how much debris is in a players field. Any player can recycle this debris, but be careful, players might be protecting it.
  8. Player (State) - This shows the players name and current state. Please see # 14 for references.
  9. Alliance - This shows the alliance faction and name. Clicking on it will take you to the alliances overview page.
  10. Action - This will allow you to quickly execute actions on certain planets.
  11. Void Space - Void space is alternatively called 'deep space'. You can send a fleet on an expedition mission to this position. Please read the wiki for expeditions for more information.
  12. Quantity Key - This shows how many planets are currently occupied in the system, and how many ships of various types you have on your current selected planet.
  13. Diplomacy Colors - Sometimes is hard to keep up with trade deals, NAP's and all the diplomatic functions of the game. This helps users identify who is friendly and who is not.
  14. (S) A strong user is 10x your current power, you can't attack them, and they can't attack you. A player in (VM) Holiday/Vacation Mode can't be attacked or gain any resources from mines. If a user hasn't been on for over 7 days, they will have a lowercase (i). If a user hasn't been on in over 28 days they will have a capital (I). If a user is below 500 points they are considered a Newbie (N).