You can have fun in Multiverse Rebirth as a lone warrior, but you want to get to that next level? You may want to join an Alliance with other warriors to become more powerful, successful, and diplomatic.

Finding the Right Alliance

A warriors can find an alliance by either searching through the 'Galaxy' tab and see what Alliance close by warriors are in, or by going to the 'Alliance' tab. By clicking on an alliance name, you'll be taken to their overview page. Most alliance leaders will put a brief description on their overview page to give other warriors an idea of what they stand for, amongst other details. If you find an alliance you are interested in joining, click the 'Apply for Membership' button (If available) on their overview page, and fill out the Alliance Application Request. If you don't see the 'Apply for Membership' button, the Alliance has decided to either put a point restriction on those who may apply, or decided to not accept anymore members.

Alternatively, you can establish your own alliance with 250,000 Dark Matter. To do this, go to the 'Alliance' tab, 'Create you own Alliance', Input an Alliance TAG which will be displayed next to your name in the Galaxy tab, and finally an Alliance Name. You are now the founder of an alliance. From here, you can either advertise your alliance to other warriors on the forums, or edit your alliance.

Alliance Leader Functions

So you just created or inherited and alliance, time to add some structure and design. This portion will cover everything you need to know about the 'Manage Alliance' tab.

Configure Ranks - You will see the default 'Leader' Rank with access to all functions throughout the alliance. Create ranks to give alliance members functions/roles throughout your alliance.

Manage Members - From this tab you can see all members, their position/ranks, points, main planet coordinates, when they joined, online/offline status, green save check mark and red X to kick the member.

Alliance Diplomacy - This tab will give you the option to establish relations with other alliances throughout the Multiverse.

Alliance Description - External Text is what outsiders will see and where most Leaders advertise their alliance. Inner Text is text your alliance members will see only, its a good place to posts strategies, reminders, or enemy coordinates. Text for Application Page gives you a chance to format applications for your alliance, when utilized correctly, you can gain a good deal of information from your applicants.

Common things to have on your alliance external text:

  • Contacts in the alliance, sometimes categorized (diplomacy, recruitment).
  • Alliances, NAPs and Wars.
  • Some sort of 'mission statement.' Basically, some blurb to give your alliance character.

Common things to have on your alliance internal text

  • Responsibilities of particular members.
  • Contact for members.
  • Rules for the alliance that are not publicly broadcast.

Options -
Change Alliance TAG - Allows you to change your alliance tag.

Change Alliance Name - Allows you to change your alliance name.

Founder Rank - Going with a theme? Change your title.

Homepage -

Alliance Logo - Allows you to add a picture to your alliance. Make sure its a direct link to a photo within size, such as ''.

Make Battle Statistics Public? - Allows you to change whether or not outside members can see your total alliance battle stats.

View Events - Any selected event will show on the alliance page when it occurs. For example a new recruit, John Doe, has an incoming Attack from Darth Vader, this will be visible to all alliance members on the alliance overview tab.

Applications -

Application Requests - Allows you to set whether people can apply to join or not.

Maximum Number of Members - Allows you to set a max number of alliance members. Once you've reached that maximum, other warriors wont be able to apply.

Minimum Points Required for Application - Allows you to set a point requirement for applicants. If applicants are under the minimum, they can't apply, if they are over they can.

Alliance Storage

You can make a contribution once every 12 hours. If you upgrade the Brotherhood Research, this will increases the maximum amount you can invest in storage.

The Alliance Leader as well as other players with the Banking permissions can give resources to any player in the alliance. After withdrawing, the resources appear on the Players Home Planet.

You can not issue funds to yourself!! To do so should be treated as Treason!

Alliance Leaders can not be issued funds, however they can transfer leadership to someone who can then issue them funds. This builds trust amongst your team members.

Global Message

This is a helpful tool for alliance members to communicate in-game. This allows authorized people to send messages to all alliance members.


Alliance Development Points are given to an alliance when a member within has successfully destroyed enemy attack ships. 1 Development Point = 100,000,000 wreckage of enemy fleets.


The Alliance Combat System (ACS) allows players to attack together. You can either use ACS to band together for attacks, or band together to protect a friendly players planet.

The ACS will be talked about more in depth in the 'Combat' wiki.