Nano Suggestions Thread

  • Nano is basically the same game as Rebirth but with different things going on Admin , can you explain the decisions / why the following are the way they are?

    • 30 Day Server - This is fine no change required
    • 8x Speed of Rebirth - Maybe this should be reduced to 4x
    • 8x Resource Production Speed - Why is this the case
    • 8x Fleet Speed - This should be changed
    • 50 solar systems - But in 5 galaxies?
    • Limited Resources - How does this work if the Resource production speed is 8x?

    One problem is planet colonization. It is too easy to colonize a new planet right now. And we should make this harder. I propose for the next Nano, if the "universe" is smaller the planets should be smaller too, which will make the game harder and more fun to play. It is too easy to build a new planet and build up quickly right now.

    Buildings need to be able to be sabotaged. But maybe sabotage the construction, or destroy the building.

    Dark Matter costs are too little and has a major influence on the outcome of the game. If planets are smaller, players will think more about building them up quickly using DM. And focus on other things like actually building.

    Remove Multiverse Matter from Nano. I think Nano should be about game skill not credit card skills.

    Have the winners of Nano unable to win in the next round. Otherwise it will be the same player (not players) winning again and again. They can still play, but can't win.

  • I shall put in my two cents.


    Making it any slower is the equivalent to playing your first month in the Main Rebirth Server. You probably wont get past medium ships, and in general, wont be very eventful.

    All of these changes aim towards competition, wars, and being eventful. THIS IS IF PEOPLE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL ASPECTS OF THE GAME. Hence the "Recommended for Advanced Players".

    It is also hard to back you on the "too easy to colonize" subject when you want the fields on planets smaller. I don't know about you, but I was reaching the end of my available fields on my main planet when I colonized my first planet. You cannot make smaller planets with such a fast game, because people wont unlock the high end ships, buildings, and defenses to which would make the game eventful.

    Next, buildings being able to be destroyed, agreed. Adds to the end goal of the game being eventful.

    Dark Matter.... I use DM all the time, and so do you! I also have a feeling this is directed towards me (if this whole post wasn't). At the end of the day, I utilize DM for what its worth, and to say (I?) only use DM to build and don't "actually" build is incorrect. Utilize the game for what its worth and maybe, just maybe you'll win (considering you don't want me to win the next one).

    Removing MM from Nano, agreed? Maybe? . But to keep Admins in consideration, I believe there should be a work around for people that want to support the Admins efforts in making this server every month.

    I view the nano server nothing more then a test. Its the first time, and we can't expect it to be perfect. I also want to see Multiverse Warriors nano server, that could be interesting!

    How the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the Old Boar suffered.

  • Thanks again Shambo for starting us off.

    I'm going to address NANO topics one by one. I used Shambo's list as a starting point. Some items may have sub-topics - that's okay.


    I think it's good as-is. Well-defined, deadlines are good. My only desire is to have some type of in-game/home screen countdown timer.


    8x the speed of Rebirth. Fine for me. Traditional research takes a sh!tload of time. If this was slowed down, we'd all be trying to fight with colony ships. It's a war game, this is a speed round. Let's allow the warriors to achieve the tools of war in a timely manner. This is a month to get your sh!t straight and dominate - can you do it?


    See above.


    See Above.


    Fine for now. Possibly expand in the future - with more players.


    Not sure where Shambo was going with this one... Seems to be okay. As an example...I've outgrown my resources in both games - rookie move. I've done this by a similar margin. So, relatively speaking, I see it as balanced and true to the original game.


    I'm with Ragnar on this. I was busting my a$$ to not only try and keep up but with the denials I was getting for additional colonies - I saw it as a lose-lose situation. I persevered and made it happen. Yet another challenge.


    I think it would be great to be able to damage infrastructure.. Easy to say right now, but, this IS a war game. I think infrastructure could have a similar damage metric assigned to it so that you could re-build or rehabilitate structures to useful status with a 50% of construction cost scenario or something similar. Make the cost of losing hurt a little more.


    Really? Part of the game. Learn to win it use it, love it, hate it, whatever. Ragnar is right. Everyone uses it and why not it's a tool of the game. I would suggest that the traders get fixed and are at optimal utilization for all web browsers so that you can utilize other resources to buy DM if desired.


    Hmmm... This requires thought. MM is how Admin pays for the game. I don't see a blanket subscription. What might be an idea is a NANO NANO, one where all the resources you are going to get are given up front and you play from there - best man/woman wins. Fee to play???


    I believe there should be some way to moderate attacks from higher to lower ranked players. In MVC there was a separation by Superpower Lvl. Just throwing it out here but it might help if lower/starting players didn't feel like they were raped once they established an account. Just an idea.

    Lastly...the current round is NOT finished. Please continue with thoughts and ideas.



    • We are not going to change the game speed. We may increase it up, but 8x will always be the minimum for Nano
    • We will be changing the "winnings" next time around however.
    • 8x resource production speed is because we want the game to be quick and dirty. It's not about maintaining records for all time.
    • 8x fleet speed should be changed to?
    • We will be reducing the number of galaxies, and making it harder to colonize planets for the next nano
    • Limited Resources, yes, I think we should have a set number of resources for players and see how they fare. I will try and get it into the next nano, but it may be the one after that! Nano 3.
    • We may remove DM from a version of Nano, maybe Nano 5.
    • MM pays for the servers, you are the investors! Without it there would be no games. We have a problem at the moment with our security and payment providers that are working to resolve. But long story short, MM is here to stay.
    • I don't like the idea of banning a particular player from participating. From what I see players are active and making good use of the game resources.